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Members of the College Board's governance structure represent the perspectives of students, teachers, and the education community. By lending their voices and views to discussions about College Board policies, programs and procedures, the members of our councils and committees are uniquely positioned to effect change.


Key benefits of participating in the College Board's governance include:

  • Serving on committees and panels that advise on College Board programs, products, and policies.
  • Participating in decision-making to shape policies within the education community.
  • Planning regional and national conferences to address key education issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that all candidates considered for regional council positions must be affiliated with College Board member institutions.

Middle States Regional Council Members

  • Serve as representatives for regional College Board members, bringing suggestions, issues, and concerns regarding programs and services to the council table.
  • Advise and engage in finding solutions for challenging issues facing members and member institutions.
  • Plan the Middle States Regional Forum and Forum activities on an annual basis for the assembly.
  • Attend and host the Middle States Regional Forum.
  • Attend several council meetings per year.

National Assembly Council Members

  • Offer advice on College Board programs and services that support universal access to high standards of learning.
  • Address issues related to curriculum, articulation, assessment, the governance structure of schools, and sustained professional development.
  • Plan the Annual Meeting and Forum activities for the assembly.
  • Manage the affairs of the National Assembly and advise the Board of Trustees and president of the College Board on matters of concern to the assembly.
  • Attend meetings in May, September/October and December. All reasonable expenses for these meetings are covered by the College Board.
  • Attend Regional Council meetings and Regional Forum to report on Assembly Council discussions and initiatives and to solicit regional feedback.


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