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Enrollment professionals can use the tools and resources on this page to develop policies and practices that achieve diversity-related goals.

With the information we provide, you can feel confident that your arguments will be evidence-based and legally sound.

This webinar will highlight claims and defenses relevant to these issues as they have been presented in the SFFA v. Harvard (appeal pending) and SFFA v. UNC (trial pending) federal court cases with cross-references to the ADC’s recently published The Playbook (2d. Edition). Key topics will include:

  • The features of policies that are considered “race-neutral” under federal law and that may be effective with respect to race- and ethnicity-related diversity aims.
  • Important considerations when implementing race-neutral strategies such as conditions likely for success, potential roadblocks, and questions to consider.
  • The federal legal imperative of assuring the identification and evaluation of neutral alternatives as part of an ongoing periodic review of enrollment policies that involve the consideration of race.